#1 … Not Being Alone Is KEY

So much of your efforts never get talked over with a person outside your business. Right?

You’ve heard the expression “You can’t see the forest when you’re in the trees”?  Well…  The same applies to you daily in your business.

Now… working with us, you won’t be alone any more.  Together we can keep you on the right track to success in your business…

You’ll have a personally assigned Business Strategist that you will meet with on a regular basis.  And for more details, see our “Services” page for a list of everything we can do for YOU.

“It’s like having an expert partner in your business… without the payroll expense!”

#2 … Marketing That Gets You Sales

“Marketing” is all about having your customers like and trust you.

And “Branding” is simply giving them a symbol to associate with that relationship.

We can help you in both of these areas — and — SO much more.

“Find out the secrets to building those kind of trust relationships that make your customers come back for more … again, and again!”

#3 … Building a Loyal Customer Base

Loyalty to any business is based on trust.

Do you enjoy purchasing from someone you don’t trust?  Of course not!  So why should your customers?

So make sure you…

“Let us help you build a loyal customer base that just keeps on growing!”

#4 … Stop Talking … Implement

It’s time to stop “talking” about the things you already know you need to be doing and…

Begin DOING them!

BUT — We make it so easy for you…

“We are here to implement the work for you. You just tell us what you need, and we do it!”

#5 … Get Automated Marketing Campaigns

Why not let technology do most of the work, so leads and clients come to you.

Sound impossible?  Well, we’ve figured out a way…

Consider this — Many actions in your business are repeated daily, even hourly.  They’re systems that your business runs on.

The same holds true in marketing and sales.  This allows us to put our automated marketing software to work for you.  In fact… it’s one of the most powerful pieces of marketing software on the internet today!

“Who keeps you on track and your business growing? We will!”

Discover Concierge Internet Marketing
We Bring The Customers To YOU!

I’m Wayne Law, Founder of InBiznez, and I have one goal:

To handle all the hard work of marketing your business, so that your business can easily grow.

In other words — myself and the team here will work alongside your business to generate qualified and high-value leads.  All you need to do is turn them into clients!

Read on for more details on exactly how we work with you:

Explore How We Work With You …

Discover Our Guaranteed Growth Plan

The most important factor in the success of your business is not “where you are now” but “where you are HEADED”.

Pushing your business towards the top of your market niche and STAYING THERE is what the InBiznez “Guaranteed Growth Plan” is all about.

We have the expertise, the tools, and the know-how to get you there and KEEP you there.

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We’re Partners in Your Success

We become a “partner force” within your business; working side-by-side with you to provide guidance that results in you building a thriving organization. We will help you improve each of your key business areas, especially your internet components.

Our aim is to:

  • Teach you how to harness the power of the internet to drive customers to your door
  • How to use modern “Customer Relationships Management” (CRM) software to streamline and grow sales
  • And how to benefit from automated internet marketing in a real-world, practical way.

In order to do that effectively, we become immersed in your business, and we handle the vast majority of your internet tasks.

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We Have the Skills You Need In-House

Our team of strategists, marketers, designers and technology experts will help your website and your marketing campaigns work to get you more leads and clients, so you can spend your time delighting your clients!

Not only will we help you optimize your sales and marketing for best results — but — also set up and manage automated marketing campaigns that continue to help your business grow… around the clock!

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Get Extensive Training and Support

We take the mystery out of running a successful business, and…

Show you exactly how to drive prospects to your door!

Plus — Our cutting edge marketing tools help generate more potential clients than you ever dreamed possible!

And — We will show you how to convert these “warm leads” into a stable and growing base of devoted and satisfied customers.

We provide you with a solid training and support system that ensures you remain on-track with the actions you need to allow your business to thrive.

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Explore Some of Our Work

We’ve put together a sample of websites we’ve created for clients.  In particular, we list some of the sites where our client had very specific design requirements that were demanding, artistic, and unique.

No request is too difficult for us, and we use right up-to-date web technologies so your website looks fantastic for everyone — whether they’re viewing it at their computer, or on their phone!

But even more importantly — Websites we create work around the clock, helping our clients generate more leads, and turn more leads into valuable customers.

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